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"The artist has a responsibility to share their light and awaken people, and if you’re a creative person, you’ve been gifted with a great opportunity to contribute something real and valuable to the world. You might want to take it, because art is arguably the best way for the lightworker or spiritual warrior to contribute to humanity’s evolution."

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Christalla is a multidimensional artist and creative director in Canada. Self taught, Christalla has elevated through various artistic dimensions - painting, photography, video, illustration and graphic design -- to surface latent realities relating to delicate, yet familiar and natural theorems in existence. These range from the nude-female body, fractals seen in nature and art - to her most recent projects touching the relationship between graphics and music. Christalla has formulated an artistic technique with merging her materiality together - forming a layered dimension in color, time, sound, feeling and experience - giving birth to new realities that are relatable to everyone”.








As Jung expressed it: “All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.”

She is Available for hire in multi media and/or painting commission, Album Art, creative direction or any combination.

Yellow Room Don My Love, 2018.


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