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Mixed Digital Media - Acrylic on Canvas with Fractal Exposed. 

A Violet Psychofluid expresses one of natures most mysterious elements - fractals and spirals. A fractal can be both a natural phenomena and a mathematical set that shows a repeating pattern. These patterns are complex and reoccur over different scales. The same type of structure must appear of all scales. The existence of what we now know as fractals began with the notion of recursion, which made fractals constantly changing systems. They go on forever, connecting to the idea of unpredictability, or the chaos theory. But these patterns aren’t completely alien to us, since they are often seen in nature (Sasha. M).  I ask the question,  why do spirals exist everywhere in nature, and how are they represented in art?  


Here, is where the material becomes supra-linguistic matter; it is a language, but not made of words-a language which becomes and which is the things it describes. Archetypal logos.